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Google Satellite Reaches Orbit..
Monday, 8 Sep, 2008 – 10:59 | 8 Comments

Google satellite including the world’s highest definition (for a commercial satellite) is now on Orbit around our planet, and is operational since yesterday.. Officialy presented as a civil project, this satélite would be completely controled by the departement of the defense Americaine (U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) with two more persons : Larry and Sergel (CEOs of Google).

Built by General Dynamics, this GeoEye-1 is equipped with the next generation of camera built by ITT. This camera can distinguish easily 16 inch objects with 11 bits per pixel color. In other words, it can see the color of your underware.. And it will do it every day for the next ten years of its estimated life expectancy !

Only one solution to be quite : Get your umbrella !!!..

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