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When we say that we are cursed it is only because we do not know Kane Kramer, a 52 years old britanic almost unknown until a few days ago and which nevertheless invented the concept of iPod this small walkman who has revolutionised the world of the music for the past years..

It is thus in 1979 that it’s brilliant idea was born: a walkman capable of reading some music during a little more than 3 minutes. IXI (it is the name of the prototype), without founding to renew it’s patent, has to give up in 1988..

It is in 2008 that the Cupertino’s firm appealed to Kramer to put an end to competitor’s pursuits regarding iPod pentent’s property.

We live in a strange world !..

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Apple Keynote september 9th..
Friday, 5 Sep, 2008 – 13:02 | 3 Comments
Apple Keynote september 9th..

So next Apple Keynote will be september 9 ! :))
A lot of news are espected such as iPhone software upgrade (2.1), new iTune 8, new iPod nano, and new Macbook line..
We can allready found …