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Apple Keynote september 9th..
Friday, 5 Sep, 2008 – 13:02 | 3 Comments

So next Apple Keynote will be september 9 ! :))
A lot of news are espected such as iPhone software upgrade (2.1), new iTune 8, new iPod nano, and new Macbook line..

We can allready found some pictures online that seems to be as real as rumors can be..

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The first Microsoft
Friday, 5 Sep, 2008 – 7:49 | No Comment
The first Microsoft


After an unprecedented buzz in the Microsoft’s media communication battle against Apple; we finally discover the first Ad in response of the ‘Get a Mac’ one by Apple. In the protagonists we have Bill Gates, …

Intel s Six-Core Xeon 7400 (Dunnington) Shipping Mid September
Thursday, 4 Sep, 2008 – 18:02 | 33 Comments
Intel s Six-Core Xeon 7400 (Dunnington) Shipping Mid September

According to CNET sources, Intel’s six-core “Dunnington”processor will begin rolling out to servers on September 15th under the Xeon 7400 series. The new chip is Intel’s first foray beyond four cores as well as the …